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8 Artistic Programs Updated: Compatibility with macOS Catalina 10.15 and Other Changes! (October 14, 2019) (PDF)

New Deformation Effect in AKVIS Neon 4.0: Give Your Photos Some Magic! (September 24, 2019) (PDF)

Admire a Full Spectrum of Autumn Colors on Your Pictures with AKVIS Fall Foliage Frames (September 10, 2019) (PDF)

New Features in AKVIS ArtSuite 17.0: Decorate Your Memorable Photos in a Creative Way! (September 5, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS Enhancer 16.5: Get The Most Out of Your Photos! Improve Detail Mode Enhanced (August 27, 2019) (PDF)

Fix Blurred Photos Using AKVIS Refocus 8.5! Now with History Brush (August 14, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch XXI: Major Update! New Artistic Algorithm (July 30, 2019) (PDF)

Shabby Chic Pack by AKVIS: Countryside-Inspired Frame Collection (July 23, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS Frames 4.0: Create Custom Frame Packs! (July 2, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS AirBrush 6.5: Impressive Masterpieces Just One Click Away! Now Even Faster (June 25, 2019) (PDF)

Bring the Past Back to Life with AKVIS Coloriage 12.0! Now with Color History (June 13, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS Decorator 7.0: Processing Speed Increased by 3 Times! (May 28, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS MakeUp 6.5: Retouch Portrait Shots Like A Pro! (May 14, 2019) (PDF)

New Watercolor Frame Pack by AKVIS: Art Experience for Everyone! (April 18, 2019) (PDF)

Complex Selections Made Easy in AKVIS SmartMask 11.0: New Desaturation Brush (April 9, 2019) (PDF)

All AKVIS Programs Updated: Publishing Module, Stability Improvements, etc. (March 28, 2019) (PDF)

Tell Your Story with the new Scrapbooking Frame Pack by AKVIS! (March 19, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS LightShop 7.0: Mesmerizing Light & Star Effects! New User-Friendly Features (March 14, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS Watercolor 4.0: Now Three Times Faster! (February 26, 2019) (PDF)

New Monocolor Frame Pack: A Kaleidoscope of Colors for Your Photos! (February 19, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS MakeUp 6.0: Make Your Portrait Shots Look Just Perfect! Major Update (February 13, 2019) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtSuite 16: Now with Vignette Effect and Batch Processing! (January 22, 2019) (PDF)

New Gothic Frame Pack by AKVIS: Dark Romance in All Its Splendor (January 15, 2019) (PDF)


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